Six Sigma and Its Use in Human Resources (HRD)

Not often do you hear the words ‘six sigma process’ in relation to the human resources department! Although traditionally used within the manufacturing realm, this business philosophy can greatly impact the HR office. Within the workplace, there are various people who can make a substantial contribution to the company through Six Sigma management. This concept applies to the human resources department which consists of professional and well-trained business people who are hired specifically for hiring others.

Human Resource employees are adept at handling regular company procedures as it concerns the other employees within a company. These individuals are perfect for the team as a result of their abilities. These professionals are given the responsibility of placing employees within the proper roles in a company, as well as defining their job description and ensuring their place within the business.

Human resource experts are able to aid the fostering of a professional team and help manage conflicts within the workplace. All this is done amongst a Six Sigma business environment. As a result, this process provides HR professionals with the proper tools and mind-set to take on difficult tasks. The trained Black Belt or Master Black Belt measures each individual’s performance to help figure out which area best suits them or which aspect of business they need to improve on.

HR professionals are specifically trained in project management in order to analyze people and their purpose within the company. Project management training fits perfectly into Six Sigma training, and as a result, the HR team is better equipped to allocate responsibilities and oversee operational activities when coordinating projects.

Throughout these processes, employees are equipped with special tools that help them to document practices and locate, analyze, and define statistics or problems. Additionally, HR personnel will be familiar with several aspects of Six Sigma as a result of their training, one aspect being scorecards. The human resource department is given the responsibility of overseeing the employees within a business, ensuring they are continuously working and further aiding the growth of the company. As a result, they are able to help team members better understand certain project management concepts how best to analyze them.

Lastly, both Six Sigma and the HR department are similar in these rights; their project management backgrounds. This training successfully teaches employees about change management. Human resource professionals are able to better serve the companies they are hired by as a result of their knowledge in project management and 6 sigma methodology.