The Painting Business – Human Resources

The human resources department of a painting business is very important. Some people don’t realize all that they do behind the scenes. In many regards this part of the business helps with the foundation. This is where those interested in work will drop off their application. They are reviewed and those that meet specific criteria may be contacted for a job interview.

Not everyone that gets an interview will be offered a job though. Some are filtered out once references are checked. Others are eliminated due to not being very good at the job interview. They simply weren’t able to show they have the types of skills that the company could benefit from. Others do stand out from the crowd though and they are often contacted by human resources again. From there an actual job offer may be extended.

Each employee will have their own file either in a paper format or on the computer. This will have pertinent information including their address, phone number, and social security number. There should be information about who to contact in the event of an emergency as well. If a background check and/or credit check were done prior to the job offer being extended the results of such information should be in there as well.

Any information about job training that has been completed will go into that file for future reference. If there have been disciplinary actions taken or outstanding reviews by supervisors all of that information should be included. It helps to give a very good idea of the overall skills and competency of employees. This information can be helpful when it is time for raises and even promotions within the company.

The reason why most of us go to work each day is to earn money. It is also the human resources department that keeps track of hours worked and prints out paychecks. In order to do that they must track information on how much the person is to get paid. They also need to be informed about deductions that will be subtracted from the gross wages. Common ones include health insurance, retirement, and taxes.