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How to Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Hardwood floor brings numerous benefits such as warm, softness and even durability. It’s such an important decision that one makes regarding selection of the style and material of the flooring. Colors, texture as well as the overall design have a big impact on the feel of ones space therefore depending on one’s family needs it’s good to note that some materials are mode ideal than others. Hardwood flooring tends to be a popular choice among many homeowners for its warmth and natural design aesthetic. Customers also have tons of options for customizing their products making it the best choice. Hardwood floors are also chosen by any homeowner since they are attractive and allow a great amount of flexibility with design. There are several qualities that need be considered when it comes to picking the right hardwood floors and includes the following.

Type of flooring. It’s essential to first determine whether you want solid or engineered wood flooring. Solid hardwood is made of thick, solid planks of wood and is best for long-term flooring. One can sand down and refinish these hardwood floors multiple times since their boards are thicker than those of engineered wood planks. On the other hand engineered hardwood floors are gaining more popularity since they are made with a thin veneer layer of hardwood on top of multiple layers of composite material and plywood. Determining the type of flooring one needs helps greatly to choosing one that perfectly matches with ones needs.

Wood species. One has a wide range of options for the wood species which can make a difference in the design of one’s home. It’s advisable to not just stop at the color or design of the wood species because different woods offer different benefits for functionality. The fact that some species of wood are harder than others makes them more durable. For instance oak is a popular choice since it’s highly durable, works well with various stains and has an attractive natural grain. Red and white oak are great to use in many areas around the home. Walnut is softer than oak and offers a rich and warm tone. One therefore can select from some of the more exotic options to help add a unique bot of character in your home.

Cost. It’s good to note that the cost of your hardwood floors depends on the type of flooring you buy. There is need to consider the type of finish you select as well as the cost of professional installation. Having a clue of the current cost within the market guides one to choosing one with prices that are within that range.

Grain pattern and appearance. Grain pattern is an important consideration when deciding the design of the wood flooring. Depending on the way a piece of wood was cut it will create a different pattern on the planks of wood. It’s good to purchase hardwood floors from manufacturers including multiple grain patterns to gather for a special pattern on one’s floor. The fact that hardwood floors come in a variety of sizes calls for going for the right one and note that wider planks are more expensive.

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